There are many decoration options available to complete your uniform. Each method has its pros and cons. ID Clothing has the expertise and experience to recommend the best decoration method for your unique circumstances.

Direct To Film

Direct to Film Printing (DTFP) has taken the decoration industry by storm and it’s not hard to see why. Offering the versatility of digital printing (unlimited colours) with a durability very close to screen printing. Ink is applied to a carrier film and an adhesive powder applied to the transfer. These transfers are then pressed on to garments at high temperature. The film is then removed leaving just the ink on the garments, creating a hand feel very similar to screen printing. Suitable for most fabric types. ID Clothing produces and applies all DTFP in-house to ensure quality control and production flexibility.

Pros: Ideal for multiple colour printing, cost effective for smaller runs, single set up cost on first run, durable print (over 120 washes when treated correctly)

Cons: For large runs with few colours screen printing is more cost effective, slightly less durable than screen printing (over 150 washes)

Set-up costs: one off $70 set up per design. Additional costs may apply if you do not already have digital artwork we can use.


Embroidery is a process where thread is stitched into the product. It results in a professional look which will outlast all other methods such as screen printing. Embroidery is particularly good for small designs such as a corporate or club logo’s however it can become expensive for very large designs.

Pros: Elegant look, highly durable (will last the life of the garment), good for multiple colours, smaller minimum runs than screen printing, suits all markets including corporate.

Cons: Very small text is hard to reproduce, not suitable for large designs due to cost.

Set-up costs: Once off fee to digitise your design (typically around $70). Additional costs may apply if you need us to create a logo for you.

Screen Printing

Screen printing involves applying ink via a series of stencils (1 for each colour in the design). It is particularly cost effective for larger runs of garments and also to reproduce large designs. Screen printing is less suitable for small runs of less than 15 garments due to cost. Despite recent advances in printing technology, screen printing remains the king of decoration for large runs (particularly with few colours) due to its durability and cost effectiveness.

Pros: Ideal for large runs such as promotional tee shirts, durable results.

Cons: Extra colours add to the cost per print and initial set up costs, not suitable for small quantity’s.

Set-up Costs: Screen charges (1 per colour) typically around $70 per screen. These are one off costs.

Heat Press Vinyl

Heat press decoration uses transfers of pre-cut vinyl film to apply designs to garments. The advantage over screen printing is that each garment can have unique decoration (eg a name or number). Largely superseded by Direct To Film printing this process is still very useful for adding elements to sublimated garments such as football jumpers because the film contains a blocking layer which prevents the garment colour bleeding into the logo design.

Pros: Enables you to print unique decorations for each garment, has a blocker backing to prevent colour bleed

Cons: Not as durable as DTFP or Screen printing, Limited colour options for film

Set-up costs: Set up costs will vary depending on the artwork supplied.


Sublimation involves building the garment from scratch with your design incorporated. The process starts with a blank fabric and then special ink is transferred into the substrate of the fabric. The printed panels are then sewn together to make each garment to size. Adding colours, logos or individual elements such as names or numbers do not add to the costs. The process is extensively used for sports uniforms but can also produce a unique garment for you business or club.

If you would like to design your own garment we suggest starting here Home » AP DYO (

Alternatively you can contact ID Clothing to sit down with our design team and we can work through the process together.

Pros: Any colours and designs can be used, limitless number of logo’s with no additional costs, colours will not wash out.

Cons: Restricted to polyester based fabrics, takes 5-6 weeks to produce.

Set-up costs: Set-up charges depend on artwork supplied and the amount of work required by our graphic designers to complete your vision.

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